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Prices start from the Bronze Package £525.00 plus v.a.t, if you use the Wedding Display prices as a guidance. Every show is adapted to your needs, we will fire a number of large Roman candles, Fountains, Cakes and barrages, firing multiple of effects, a number of mines and smaller size shells to still give the display a magical delight. 

By having Low noise Fireworks you will still get an amazing show and even a grand finale!!

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'Huge Bursting effects, more vibrant colours without the LOUD bangs'!!

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Low Noise Displays

We cater for every need and requirement, customers often ask us can we supply a low noise display, for various reason, perhaps there are a lot of small children present at the event, or the venue itself only allows displays with low noise due to neighbors or live stock in the area.

Nemisis has designed a series of displays that have minimal noise, whilst still maintaining the wow factor and a highly entertaining and enjoyable display, ensuring the all parties concerned and affected by the show are happy.

"Low Noise Fireworks - who would of thought it, so happy I could have Fireworks"