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'We work as a team, in every aspect from booking to firing of the display!'

"Friendly, Professional, Enjoyment, Passion"

Fully Trained Teams Based Thoroughout the UK and Northern Ireland!

Safety is our primary, all our displays are fully risk assessed, and completed reports and risk assessments are provided to all parties concerned.

All of our display operators undergo vigorous training and then integrated into active firing teams, constantly learning and training throughout work. 

We are proud to have teams of all ages and genres, working together as a unit, we pride ourselves on creating teams that specialize in all aspects of firing locations and materials they use. We recognise that our staff are our most valuable resource, for it is their professionalism, skill and commitment that enables us to give clients a memorable and dramatic display that quite literally takes their breath away.

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The Nemisis team boasts some of the country’s leading pyrotechnicians with extensive experience.

All our display teams are fully trained to the highest professional level, have experience in firing shows from parks, building roof tops, coastal, sea and river barges along with halls hotels and private venues.

Each show has a team leader, who will have fired a minimum of fifty displays, they will arrange for comprehensive risk assessments, liaise with the organizer or venue management, and the whole display is covered by ten million pounds public liability cover.

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