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FIRE ROPE  - £70.00 plus v.a.t (Love Heart w/Initials)

For the beautiful, romantic personal touch, we create a fantastic fire spectacle, with a central love heart, flanked on either side with the Bride & Groom initials, on ignition it bursts into fiery life, emblazoning the fire rope, whilst simultaneously exotic golden and silver fountains cascade, a truly magical and memorable addition to you display

An atmospheric start or conclusion to any show and one of our most popular add on!!

PUSH BUTTON START - £30.00  plus v.a.t

The Bride and Groom electronically start their personally selected fireworks display.

Why not take control, go for an electronic push button start, you and your partner have the ignition button, have your guests join in with a countdown, and you press the button that starts a wondrous and highly memorable show!!

WATERFALL - £80.00 plus v.a.t

A pyrotechnic Waterfall over 30ft long, cascading a silver waterfall effect from 25ft to ground level, when ignited it will erupt into a magnificent waterfall of shimmering silver light, a truly wonderful site.

Be dazzled on your Special Day with a stunning piece of art! 

LOVE HEART SPECIAL SHELLS -  £25.00 plus v.a.t (Pair)

100mm Shells - For this very special day, treat yourselves, to our specially commissioned Love Heart Shells, these awesome premium shells break at over a foot high in exquisitely formed red love hearts, for all to see and admire for miles around. Add a little decadence, be flamboyant and shameless, and let all know this is your Big Day!! Something special for the Bride and Groom!

ENHANCED FINALE - £99.00 plus v.a.t

An enhanced finale package compromising of 100 shot cake and 25 additional multi burst shell effects, creating an explosive mirage of colours to celebrate such a special day.  

Our breathtaking ,sky filling, shell burst finale is already an unforgettable experience, but why not make it even bigger and spectacular.

Stand back and be amazed,  what an ending to a fantastic evening!

Add a litlle something Extra to your display, we have many special deals so just ask!