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Audience Response!!

We were so shocked at what we saw the sky was full and the water erupting all different colours, firing out to sea, we loved it! We didn't know where to look, a variety of bursts of colour and effects. The display was the BEST, we have never seen anything like it, can't wait for next year. Amazing Fireworks. Fantastic!!

Contrasting, Powerful, Erupting, Dazzling!! 

  • Nemisis has fired for the “Tall Ships Maritime Event” in 2006 along the Causeway of Northern Ireland. 
  • We have specialist team has fired over 350 coastal and water based displays throughout the UK.

Just Ask...!!

'Specialist Coastal Teams, love working with the key features and reflective values'


Nemisis has fired for some of the UK’s, premier events, and has a specialist team that fires primarily for coastal displays, either from barges, ships, harbours, rivers, lakes and beaches, its experience and knowledge derived in the firing of such displays under a vast array of conditions that such coastal displays can throw up.

Nemisis prides itself and not only firing superb coastal displays, but utilising the whole of the pyrotechnic canvass, in the creation of awesome spectacle, firing in every direction, at ground levels, with great width, in the air at multiple altitudes up to 500 meters high and a quarter a mile across, maximising on the reflective values of the waters surface.

Whilst simultaneously bring the water to life with the wide spread use of Aqua pyrotechnics, making the sea dance with fire.


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