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So if you want to add a new dynamic to your show, and you have the opportunity to have Aqua material, take advantage and watch the audiences love it and be amazed!

We have been working with water based shows for many years now and have a strong team in designing and providing displays for private clients and local authority's.

Who would  of thought.....Fire and Water makes Art.

Well it does, just look!!

"We've never seen anything like it.  Exciting new element to our show and what a surprise"

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Nemisis Aqua Pyrotechnics - Display Pictures

"Aqua Pyrotechnics"

This is water based effects, adding a surprise element to any show and the reaction is immense. The fireworks erupt from the water or illuminate, creating another aspect to your show. Watch the water come to life!!

'Nemisis Aqua Pyrotechnics - Display Video'


  • Nemisis Pyrotechnics has a specialized, coastal and aqua pyro team, operating across the UK they have toned there Aqua pyrotechnic skills, in the creation of precision timed exotic water borne effects, second too none.

  • Nemisis probably uses more aqua effects and sequence than any other​ company in the UK, the utilization of such devices where lake, sea or river is available, the ultimate in the mysterious, exotic and unimaginable water borne effects, enhancing the whole pyrotechnic landscape.

  • This team could be deployed at your display, bringing together a yet hither to display of excellence, not seen at this site either on this scale or brilliance.