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Nemisis has it's own appointed DGSA.

We deliver a Professional Service from Start to Finish and are Proud of our customer base and displays we have delivered!!

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Our Experience

Nemisis Pyrotechnics Limited - Professional Fireworks Displays & Retail has been designing and firing professional displays for over 15 years. We are based in Cheshire, with fully trained and insured firing teams located across the length and breadth of the UK and Northern Ireland.


With experienced teams specialising in every aspect of pyrotechnic displays from roof tops through to river and sea barge based displays and traditional park and arena venues, for all types of occasions from carnivals, switch ons, corporate, summer events, weddings, Bonfire night, re-enactments and New Years Eve.

Nemisis was born out of a love of fireworks and all of the team who work here feel like it’s more of a passion than a job. The company have delivered literally thousands of displays to many spectators and have a long list of satisfied customers. We have a simple aim to deliver the BEST fireworks and firework displays at the BEST possible price. We don't skimp on quality for the sake of profit; our fulfilment comes from the happiness of our clients.